Ian Mitchell

Having struggled with a bad back for years my last resort, on the advice of my doctor, was to try Pilates. The first class I attended run by Belinda was in January 2012 and I have regularly attended her classes since then.   I believe Belinda’s Pilates classes have given me a strong foundation from which I have been able to re-build my fitness. Certainly I doubt that I would still be playing golf without regular Pilates (but still rubbish at it!).

What has improved for me through Belinda’s classes? Well flexibility, previously my back problem caused a lot of muscle tension and I was regularly running off for physio. Posture, I believe stronger core muscles have improved my posture. Body shape, a love of beer did my body shape not a lot of good, now I have muscle definition. However I do eat carefully too these days.

Is Pilates for men , in my view definitely.

Do I recommend Bebody Health and Fitness yes, without hesitation!