BeBody Health and Fitness usually offers classes in Ware, Harlow and the surrounding areas. However, due to the current Corona Virus Pandemic we are now operating some classes online, some classes outdoor and some classes in door with social distancing applied! We specialize in Mind and Body group exercise classes like Pilates and Yoga, and 50+ Exercise Move it or Lose it! classes. Get in touch with us today to try one of our classes for free - we offer something for every level of fitness and interest.

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How are you all feeling on this Sunday evening?
Full of dread?

However your last week has been, a new week lies ahead! Take a deep breathe and know that 'you've got this' 👍

Why not join us in class this week, online or via zoom, and take some self-care time for both your physical and mental health ❤💪
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What's the odds??

Two days, two Pilates cats...
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Free Trial

We are delighted to announce that anyone can have a free trial class with BeBody Health and Fitness.  Just get in touch and tell us which class you would like to try 🙂

Norah HickmanNorah Hickman
I attend the Mixed Ability class on Thursday at 9.30am in WareFrom initial contact Belinda struck me as being professional and experienced yet approachable, welcoming and friendly.  The class I attend caters for mixed ability and whilst we are all encouraged to progress and stretch ourselves, it is within a framework of safe and reviewed progression.  I believe the recent reevaluation of the services offered exposes the potential available – BeBody is an excellent and well considered organisation


Kimberley PorterKimberley Porter

" BeBody inspired me to find strength through Pilates, building my core and my confidence with each flowing form"

Kimberley Porter - Assistant Vice President AMBCS BSc


Hilary Langham-47Hilary Langham-47
BeBody Health and Fitness has given me the confidence to exercise again.I suffered a very painful slipped disc two years ago and for the first year was unable toexercise for fear of causing further damage and pain.A year ago a friend recommended I try the Restorative Pilates Class withBeBody Health and Fitness and with the guidance of Belinda my back became strongerand pain free over the course of three months.My confidence was boosted so much I now attend the beginners class and am able toexercise to a level I never thought would be possible.I would highly recommend BeBody Health and ...


Daryon EldridgeDaryon EldridgeEldridge People Solutions
I attend the improvers class on Tues 8 – 9 p.m.Belinda has helped me progress from her beginners class and supported me in managing arthritis in my back, knee ligament and hip problems.  Through Belinda's excellent tuition and encouragement, I have been able to move to the improvers class.  Her sense of humour, praise, individual tips and clear instruction has encouraged me to push myself but within the limits of my body and ability.Plus there's the added bonus that I have dropped a dress size and stayed there.  I never thought I'd be 50, be able to enjoy exercise and wear ...


Ian MitchellIan Mitchell
Having struggled with a bad back for years my last resort, on the advice of my doctor, was to try Pilates. The first class I attended run by Belinda was in January 2012 and I have regularly attended her classes since then.   I believe Belinda's Pilates classes have given me a strong foundation from which I have been able to re-build my fitness. Certainly I doubt that I would still be playing golf without regular Pilates (but still rubbish at it!).What has improved for me through Belinda's classes? Well flexibility, previously my back problem caused a lot of muscle tension and I was regularly running off for physio. Posture, ...


Claire LowryClaire Lowry
I have found Belinda's Pilates classes invaluable whilst recovering from a severe back problem which reared its head in March 2013.  I have bulging discs the whole length of my spine but after a year of doing the classes twice a week I am much better in that I am in less pain and can move much better.  It is not something that is ever going to be cured, rather it has to be managed, and I have found Pilates to be better than medication in helping control pain.
I find Belinda very good at being careful if there is something that ...