Corona Virus Policy – One to One Sessions

As a company we take our responsibility seriously regarding the Corona Virus Pandemic.

We have taken carefully considered steps to keep our One to One customers safe and reduce the risk of infection:

  • We will operate a track and trace system.  If any of our One to One clients contract the Corona Virus our instructor will inform anyone who they have had contact with so they can comply with the government requirements at that time.  IF SOCIAL DISTANCING REQUIREMENTS HAVE BEEN MET THERE IS NO NEED TO SELF ISOLATE. To see the latest requirements please click here.
  • We ask if any One to One client is displaying Corona Virus Symptoms that they reschedule their session and follow NHS Guidelines.
  • We ask that if any One to One client has been in CLOSE CONTACT with anyone with a confirmed case of Corona Virus they reschedule their appointment and follow NNS Guidelines.
  • Any equipment use is minimal and equipment will be isolated for 24 – 72 hrs (depending on the material) or it will be cleaned using an antibacterial cleaner.
  • We have completed risk assessments as required regarding One to One Sessions.
  • Should we be advised at any time to return to more strict lockdown requirements we will do so immediately and sessions can be completed via Zoom, can be held over until lockdown is eased or refunded .
  • Our instructors will NOT provide hands on correction and maintain a distance of  at least 1 meters from participants (2 meters where possible) or use a mask.  It is not compulsory for the instructor to wear a mask whilst instructing.
  • Our Instructor will sanitize their hands on entry and on exit of the clients house.
  • Participants are NOT required to wear masks to exercise or whilst with the Instructor.
  • We recommend that you wipe down any touch point surfaces after the Instructor has visited your home and to practice thorough hand hygiene as recommended by Government Guidelines.

We ask all of our BeBody Family if you have been in CLOSE contact with any known person who has Corona Virus DO NOT ATTEND YOUR SESSION and follow NHS Guidance.

If you are feeling unwell with Corona Virus symptoms PLEASE STAY AT HOME AND CONTACT THE NHS.

Catch it – bin it – kill it….