Mums and Babies Pilates

20141210_115341I LOVE my Mums and Babies pilates class!

It’s a wonderful chance for new Mums to make new friends and to take some time to start thinking about themselves and their bodies.  We welcome babies up to 9 months old in the most perfect surroundings of ABC Childrens’ Centre.  The bright and colourful room is stuffed to the gills with sensory toys and amusements for the older babies if needed and the littler ones are happy to lie beside Mum or even get involved as the pictures show!

The class is specifically designed for new mothers and focuses on toning of the abdominal core including the pelvic floor and strengthening the back and shoulders to counteract any stretched muscles in the upper back due to feeding/changing etc.

20141126_114820The babies can lie beside you on a mat or can be held during the exercises, whatever suits them really and I am always more than happy to pick up for a cuddle if needed.  The classes are run in the Harlow area and can be purchased on a block by block basis and run in line with school holidays or can be purchased on a pay as you go basis but this is subject to availability.  Please register your interest to find out about our current class details.

A 6 week block costs £42 or pay as you go is £8.50 per class.


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