BeBody Online

Due to the current Corona Virus Pandemic we have many virtual sessions – what does that mean?

Our full timetable plus much, much more is currently available online in several ways:


Live Zoom Classes

With ZOOM, I can see and hear you, and you can see and hear me.  Years of teaching Pilates and looking at form and technique means that I can teach effectively just as easily online as I can in person.  I demonstrate the move, then come to the screen to observe you, comment and correct just as I would if teaching face to face.  I can also give alternatives, progressions and regressions as needed to individuals, just as I would in class.

The picture shows you what I see.



Facebook Live Classes

Classes are streamed LIVE  (and recorded) via a closed Facebook Group.  Here you can hear and see us LIVE as we deliver the session, although we can not see or hear you.  You can leave comments and ask questions during the session.  After the live streaming, these videos are hosted on the Facebook Group Page BeBody Family Group.  You can view a recorded class as many times as you like, when you like.  So you need never worry about missing a session again!

The picture shown is taken from a 30 minute session delivered by Bonny Cakebread.  We have found that clients’ needs have changed as we adapt to lockdown life and shortened sessions of up to 30 minutes have been very popular.  We also offer a FREE Live Move it Or Lose it! session via our dedicated page

These sessions are also often uploaded to YouTube, we can send an email link to the sessions to clients who do not use Facebook or Google Meet.  We can also send the links via a closed WhatsApp Group for those who would prefer it.


Pre-recorded Specials

We also do Pre-recorded Specials that are uploaded to Vimeo and accessed via our website or can be sent by WhatsApp. These sessions can be followed as many times as you want, whenever suits you.

These photos show an exercise session called Pilates with Pooches, accessed through a WhatApps video link; we also have a very popular Pilates in Pyjamas series.

We can also do daily exercise plans on request (time permitting) for clients who want a short program pertinent to them.




One to One Sessions

We are able to offer One to One Sessions via Video Call (Zoom) – just as effective as being there!

28 Years of teaching has given me the skills to be able to coach and correct from a distance!  I can see when the exercise is being performed incorrectly or not and it is easy to make hands off corrections to make the workout truly effective.

One to One Sessions give th best results and are supported by pre-recorded individualised videos that the client can follow at home outside of the sessions.  We can offer shorter 30 minute sessions to 60 minute full workouts in both Pilates and Total Body Fitness Belinda specialises in working with in Older Adult Fitness too.


Corporate Well Being Services

BeBody Health and Fitness is able to provide Pilates and Yoga classes for employees working from home.  We are able to host coached group sessions with an instructor via Google Meet, run Live Streamed Sessions via Facebook closed groups, Prerecorded Sessions that can be done when suits and 1 to 1 Coached Sessions via Google Meet. Pilates and Yoga are considered to be Mind and Body Workouts that have a significantly positive impact on mental health.

I am pleased to announce that we can now provide Corporate Wellbeing Services in the form of online Pilates and Yoga classes via several different platforms. The classes are both live and pre-recorded and designed to improve employee wellbeing when working from home.

What do you need to take part?

Well, you need a mat, some space and a device to watch the videos/participate with.  A laptop is one of the best ways to access the online sessions, or you can use a phone or a tablet (you can cast or connect most screens to the TV if you’d like to see a larger image). I have a visually impaired client who does the classes by audio file!

Some of my clients prefer to plug into the TV and exercise in the living room; some choose to go outside with their laptops; and some take part on their phones with the children playing in the background!  However clients choose to join in, we ALWAYS see lots of pets in an an online Zoom class – belonging both to clients AND the instructors!

Many clients actually prefer this way of taking part – they can fit exercise in more easily around their everyday lives, and it’s safer – zero risk of infection!  Our online membership is only £25 a month, payable by standing order, and you can cancel at any time.  Let me know if you would like a FREE TRIAL WEEK and we can go from there 🙂

Belinda x